REVIEW: Winter Sliderland Is Back with a New Togarashi Karaage Chicken Slider for the Festival of Holidays at Disney California Adventure

If you’re looking for an easy snack that’s easy to hold and share while visiting the Festival of Holidays at Disney California Adventure, we recommend checking out Winter Sliderland! As the name suggests, this marketplace focuses on slider-style sandwiches, that are always delicious!

Menu for Winter Sliderland Marketplace at Disney California Adventure Festival of Holidays 2023


  • 🆕Togarashi Karaage Chicken Slider – $9
  • Beef Brisket Slider – $9


  • 🆕Spiced Pear Mule – $16

Photos of Menu Items from Winter Sliderland Marketplace at Disney California Adventure Festival of Holidays 2023

*NEW* Togarashi Karaage Chicken Slider – $9

with Furikake Mayo Slaw on a Hawaiian Roll

This was another of our favorite new items this year. The crispy chicken with the slaw and pickles underneath is a flawless combination.

The breading and flavor of the chicken are perfect, and they balance nicely with the refreshing slaw.

Beef Brisket Slider – $9

with Smoked Onions and Horseradish Ketchup on a Pretzel Roll

Winter Sliderland Brisket Slider 2

The brisket is shaved thin, similar to a Missouri-style barbecue sandwich, and rolled up with plenty of ketchup to keep the dry meat moist on the sandwich.

The bun completely dissolves under the weight of this ketchup, but the flavor achieved from this is worth the heavy bun.

Winter Sliderland brisket

Overall, we really enjoyed this slider and would recommend it.

*NEW* Spiced Pear Mule – $16

Pear Vodka, Gin, Apricot Liqueur, House-made Spice Syrup, Pear Nectar, and Lemon Juice garnished with a White Orchid

The spiced pear mule is also delightful. It’s refreshing and light. When you take a sip, you first taste the ginger beer, then the spiced pear flavor, making for a great holiday drink. Another winner for the day and great for anyone who loves Moscow mules.

The Festival of Holidays will be running at Disney California Adventure from November 10, 2023, to January 7, 2024.

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