Take a Tiny Pull-Back Landspeeder For a Spin Through Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Bright Suns! While looking for a viable transport, we spotted these pull-back landspeeders at Toydarian Toymaker at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland Park. Though they won’t be taking us off-planet, we wouldn’t say no to a joyride across Batuu… If only they were a little bigger.

Pullback M-68 Landspeeder – $19.99

First seen in “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” this model was popular for landspeeder racing enthusiasts due to the easy-to-modify repulsorlift system on the civilian vehicle.

This toy version is of the convertible model, which can also be found in the land.

The bottom of the toy reveals the low, hidden wheels of this pull-back toy, designed to keep the vehicle close to the ground and make it look as if it is hovering. The low clearance makes it a perfect hiding place if you find yourself in a pinch on Corellia.

The side of the vehicle exposes the inner workings, and the fuel lines, duct work, and more inside the real version are modeled in plastic on this toy.

The two model propulsion thrusters on the back are more for show, since this landspeeder is powered by the pull-back mechanism underneath the vehicle.

From the front, the street blaster bolt’s air intake and other functional workings are detailed for the enthusiast to enjoy.

X-34 Landspeeder Toy– $19.99

If your adventure requires something a little sleeker-looking, perhaps this X-34 will kick it into high gear for you.

This X-34 model was first seen in “Star Wars: A New Hope,” where Luke Skywalker piloted a vehicle similar to this toy.

The vehicle is another civilian model, and the cockpit on this seats two. This is an open-air style, though real landspeeders do have the option for a hard-top model. From this angle, you can see the three air-cooled thrust turbines used in conjunction with the repulsorlift engine on this model.

Underneath, you can see the three hidden wheels on this toy version, used as a pull-back to propel the vehicle forward. Like the boxier vehicle above, this landspeeder sits low to the ground on these hidden wheels to imitate the real vehicle’s hovering.

The sleek design of this vehicle is apparent from the sides.

You can see the real version of this ride over at Black Spire Station, but you’re less likely to get to take that one for a trip across Batuu than this toy version.

Will you be making a trip to Batuu to visit Zabaka’s shop for one of these whimsical landspeeder toys? Let us know in the comments.

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