New Disney100 Plates, Cups, and Popcorn Boxes Debut at Disneyland

As the Disney100 celebration prepares to kick off around Disneyland Resort, we already have some of the new food specially created for the celebration. And with new food also comes new themed containers! So let’s take a look at the new containers for the 100 Years of Wonder celebration around Disneyland.

Coming out first is the popcorn box. Purple is the main color of the celebration, which means most of the box is colored in different shades of purple, with white to contrast. The main background is a light purple, with “Disney100” written in white at the center and “100 Years of Wonder” below in dark purple. Starbursts dot the box in both white and various shades of purple, and Mickey silhouettes of various size do the same.

A similar pattern appears on the coffee cup, which has the logo written all in purple on a light purple background. White and purple starbursts pop out across with various colored Mickey silhouettes dotting the cup.

The drink cup fades between purples and reds to integrate the Coca-Cola logo. We see red integrated into the starbursts and Mickey silhouettes along with purples and white. And as well, dots are added in red and white only.

The back side reads “Disney” in white, “100” in red, and “100 Years of Wonder” in purple.

A Coke bottlecap logo sits near the bottom corner.

And of course, the paper plates are in on the celebration too, this time sticking with just purple and white again. “Disney100” and “100 Years of Wonder” are written in purple on the white center section where food is placed. The border is largely a light purple with more of those starbursts and Mickey silhouettes from previous containers.

These will be available for all 100 Years of Wonder food and beverages served across the Disneyland Resort, so keep an eye out when you order special food for the themed 100 Years of Wonder containers! Maybe you can even chow down while watching a showing of “Wondrous Journeys,” which opens January 27 as part of the Disney100 festivities.

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