PHOTOS, VIDEO: Meet Hiro and TALKING Baymax in San Fransokyo Square at Disneyland Resort

Guests can now meet Hiro Hamada and a talking Baymax in San Fransokyo Square at Disney California Adventure.

Hiro Hamada and Talking Baymax Meet and Greet

Pacific Wharf has now completed its transformation into the “Big Hero 6” inspired San Fransokyo Square. The Hamada Bot Shop, where the “Big Hero 6” team builds and innovates their gear, is a dedicated meet-and-greet location for Hiro and Baymax.

The characters stand beneath an awning in front of a garage door adorned with a vibrant painting of a scenic valley. Detailed clouds line the horizon behind a winding river and tall trees. The painting is inspired by traditional Japanese art, more specifically the late Ukiyo-e period. On the door and walls are various San Fransokyo posters and to the sides are garage items like a recycling bin, brooms, and tools. Above some of the supplies is a dismantled version of GoGo Tomago’s bike.

Unlike previous Baymax meet-and-greets, he is now fully interactive. He walks, but also talks, blinks, and makes a few machine sounds.

talking baymax

In the morning, Baymax and Hiro were rotating appearances.

Hiro appears in his classic red shirt, hoodie, and cargo shorts.

Baymax and Hiro later came out together.

We don’t know if Baymax and Hiro will continue to meet separately or together, but for now, keep in mind that if you get in line, you may end up meeting Hiro without Baymax.

We had to get some Baymax hugs.

And he even did the fistbump with us.

Watch our video meeting Hiro and talking to Baymax below.

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