PHOTOS: Wall-E Store Named, Staircase to the Soul Realm Completed, and More Construction Updates from Disney’s Pixar Place Hotel

Construction work continues on Disney’s Pixar Place Hotel, the reimagining of Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel that is set to be completed this winter. The hotel has remained open as it is transformed, with the lobby reopening in May 2023 and the pool area reopening in July 2023.

Pixar Place Hotel Construction

Before heading into the hotel, we saw workers excavating an area next to the back sidewalk of the hotel.

Green scrim is still wrapped around fencing in front of the upcoming Great Maple restaurant, which is not Pixar-themed but is being constructed at the same time.

Above the porte-cochere, windows have been removed from some rooms that are under construction.

There were metal railings across most of the window openings.

Fencing also blocked a section of sidewalk for work further down.

There is more scrim-covered fencing on the other side of the porte-cochere.

Lights along the sidewalks are inspired by the Pixar ball.

We saw these installed earlier this summer.

This white wall has been painted with yellow and blue circles, seemingly also inspired by the iconic ball.

Inside, black curtains block some areas from view, including this column in the lobby, suggesting it is receiving new decorations.

These curtains are around a counter in this dining area, which will potentially be a new breakfast bar.

Curtains are also in front of the future entrance to Great Maple.

We could see a ladder through the curtains.

The letters “MOD” are mounted on the wall.

These are clearly the first letters of the “Modern American Eatery” sign featured in concept art for the restaurant’s bar.

We could also see tables and lighting fixtures.

There were also curtains in the doorway of the Disney Vacation Club kiosk.

The Paradise Pier Hotel gift shop, previously known as Mickey in Paradise, has been renamed STOR-E, inspired by WALL-E.

A new sign above the gift shop’s door features rounded white lettering with black borders on a blue stripe. A red circle is around the “E.”

Hallways have reopened with giant murals featuring concept art and sketches of Pixar characters.

On this wall is a series of “Ratatouille” sketches showing Remy running.

On the opposite wall is Buzz Lightyear doing some stunts.

There is now a more direct path through the hotel to the parking structure.

On this red wall are three Meilin Lee red panda sketches.

Above a bench, on another red wall, are a series of Edna Mode sketches.

This staircase is now decorated with “Soul” art.

A grand piano sits next to the stairs.

The walls and lighting are now shades of purple and blue, inspired by the dreamy Zone sequences of “Soul.”

On one wall next to the piano is a large sketch of Dorothea Williams’ band.

Joe is on the wall at the bottom of the stairs holding a conductor’s wand. His soul is pictured in front of him in a similar position.

The different Jerrys are pictured along the stairs.

In the film, they are two-dimensional humanoid fragments of light. The artwork on the walls depicts small stars within them.

There are wiry lighting fixtures hanging in the staircase.

New signage featuring Pixar characters has been installed in this upstairs hallway.

The restroom signs now feature Bo Peep (women) and Woody (men).

The fitness center sign features Sulley from “Monsters, Inc.”

Another sign pointing to the fitness center also features Sulley. The symbol for guest laundry is a sock from “Monsters, Inc.” Meeting rooms are represented by the “Inside Out” emotions gathered around their control panel.

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