PHOTOS: Theming Added to Jungle Cruise Construction Walls, Squirt the Elephant Missing at Disneyland

Earlier this month, we reported that the Jungle Cruise shrine featuring a tiger was under construction in Disneyland Park. Walls resembling old wood fencing blocked the shrine from view, with a gap in the middle for the tiger to remain visible. The walls remain up, but now have extra theming.

Jungle Cruise Shrine

A “Notice!” sign is pinned to the walls, and they are also painted with “Archaeological dig site restricted access.”

The notice reads:

No items may be removed from this site without written permission from the Board of Regents of the Archaeology Department.

A pickaxe is leaning against the wall under the first “restricted access” paint.

A rope runs down to a bucket on the other side of the tiger.

As with the last time we visited, a tarp is over the tiger.

Given the addition of physical props, this change seems like it could be more permanent than we originally thought. But it’s possible the shrine is just undergoing a long refurbishment.

For comparison, below is what the shrine with the tiger usually looks like.


As we reported last time, the second African elephant is still gone and the piranhas are still not functioning correctly.

Squirt Missing

Squirt, the Indiana elephant that threatens to spray guests with water, is also currently missing, leaving this section of the river empty.

Jungle Cruise History

The Jungle Cruise is an opening-day riverboat attraction located in Adventureland. Originally intended to be more educational and straightforward, the cruise is now renowned for its dry humor and excessive use of puns — courtesy of a Cast Member guide known as a Skipper. As guests traverse the world’s jungles, they are treated to a bombardment of witty one-liners.

A movie loosely based on the experience was released in 2021, starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. Check out our full review here. Also in 2021, but unrelated to the film, the Jungle Cruise was updated with a new backstory, scenes, and cultural sensitivity changes.

Versions of Jungle Cruise exist at Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, and Hong Kong Disneyland.

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