REVIEW: New Foot-Long Spicy Pulled Pork Dog and Returning Oogie Boogie Funnel Cake Fries From Award Wieners in Disney California Adventure

Award Wieners at Disney California Adventure is offering a new Foot-Long Spicy Pulled Pork Dog as well as the returning Oogie Boogie Funnel Cake Fries for Halloween Time 2022.

Foot-Long Spicy Pulled Pork Dog – $15.49

Sweet & spicy Pulled Pork with a fiery Tropical Chutney served on a Toasted Bun with Cuties® Mandarin Oranges or Filmstrip Fries

This is a footlong hot dog, not a footlong bun and not a footlong of toppings. This award-winning wiener hangs out from either side and looks a little comical, but tastes great.

Foot-long spicy pulled pork dog

The pulled pork and spicy tropical chutney are wonderful together and where they do intersect with the hot dog, it makes for a delicious meal.

This is rather spicier than other menu items we’ve had at Disneyland Resort. Often, things that are labeled as spicy or claim to include ghost pepper tend to skimp on the heat. And while this one isn’t unbearably hot, it definitely has a kick to it that may scare off more timid diners.

The flavors all work well together, though it’s hard to pick out individual fruits within the tropical chutney as the heat level grows.

This dog is so good, in fact, that it makes the previous footlong pulled pork hot dog feel like a dress rehearsal for this dish as opening night.

Oogie Boogie Funnel Cake Fries – $9.49

Dusted with Crushed Chocolate Crème-filled Cookies and topped with Whipped Cream, Cookie Pieces, Gummy Candies and Chocolate Candies


These taste exactly how they look: crispy, light funnel cake fries with a light Oreo coating, covered with a huge dollop of super sweet green frosting.


The added M&Ms, gummy worms, and candy corn make this an incredibly sugary treat. The funnel cake fries are cooked well and hold up to the super sweet frosting without getting soggy.


There’s enough to share and still get a huge sugar rush.

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